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Instantly Make Thinning Hair Thick Again

Fibolica hair thickening fibers are the perfect solution for both men and women who want an all-natural, safe and truly effective way to instantly make thinning hair look full again.

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Customer Reviews

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Cataldo Colombo
I absolutely love this product

I absolutely love this product. It has given me the volume& coverage I needed to feel better about my hair. I would recommend this product to anyone who may want their hair to look it's best

Étienne Chartier
Love it

I use this product frequently and I love it. The reviews that mention not liking "fibers", duh; use some light hair spray to hold. My barber recommended it and uses it for his customers.

Aaron Hobbs
Magic in a bottle

I admit I was a little sceptical at first. Then I tried it and now I'm hooked! If you have thinning hair and are tired of people noticing and giving you suggestions of hair care products to help improve your hair, then this Fibolica hair building fibers is for you. I have dark brown hair (dyed) cause if I let it grow out I would be natural grey. so I ordered the dark brown and it matches perfect to the color I use to dye my hair.

Arber Marleau
Miracle in a bottle!

My hair started thinning a few years ago. It is still long but the hair around my part is horribly thin and with dark hair it's hard to hide. I was just devastated. A hairdresser actually introduced me to this product and I felt like a new woman. A few sprays around my part sealed in with the fiber spray and i'm set for the day. It withstands pretty much anything. I've never had any issues with it. Since i've started using this product i've stopped coloring my hair lighter to hide the fact that my hair was thinning so my hair is much healthier!! Although it won't solve my thinning hair problem, it has aleviated so much stress and anxiety associated with women's hair loss.

Joshua Hardy
Pleasantly surprised

A very casual professional acquaintance recently took me aside and said she had the perfect solution for someone like me who looks youthful (I'm a 56 yo woman) except for the obvious thinning hair at the crown. She told me she was using this product and I was surprised as there was no evidence that she had thinning hair. After getting over my shock at her boldness, I ordered the Fibolica powder and spray and have just applied it at home. I sprinkled a bit of the powder around the crown and spritzed with hairspray. The hairspray made the hair look wet and thin again so I sprinkled on a little more powder. I must say that the tell-tale white scalp is obscured and the look is totally natural. I am very pleased. For nearly a decade I have had to accept the fact that I have thin hair where it's most noticeable, although the hair on the rest of my scalp is thick. Now I can feel more confident about the way I look with the help of this product.

Jasper Barnes
Thicken your hair and not pay for expensive hair pieces

I was trying all types of products to thicken my thinning hair. Nothing worked. Minoxidil only helps in slowing down the process but does nothing for covering the thinning spots. This product really works. It really does work in covering areas that are thinning, and your friends will not be able to tell the difference.
It will last all day, the only draw back, it will wash off if your hair gets too wet. It is also best to use hair spray to keep it in place.

Ben Beeton
Can't Live Without

I can't imagine living without this product. My hair is really thin on the crown of my head and Fibolica does a remarkable job of hiding it. I've revealed to multiple people that I use this product and they didn't understand why because I'm not balding. Well I am, it's just that Fibolica is so effective they couldn't tell, even after being told.

Daniel McWhae
I have been using Fibolica for 4 years.

I am a woman who has thinning hair and 3 hair transplants. But there is still thinning and When I use this product and a little hairspray over it, it stays on all day long.

Daniel Ward
This product is good in that it reduces the shine on your scalp

This product is good in that it reduces the shine on your scalp; however, it has a slightly greenish tint which is unnatural looking.

Gerardo Esposito
Very good product

Been using for years....really great. You need to learn how to use it at first, but once you get it, it really helps. I have fine hair and have been fighting thinning for years. This product thickens that "see thru" look at the part and at the crown. No one can tell you are using it. Only negative is cost. This is a specialty item and that makes it costly-buy the larger does last a long time however. Other than that very satisfied with a product that helps me maximized the hair I have.