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Fibolica® 2-Month Supply

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Instantly Make Thinning Hair Thick Again

Fibolica hair thickening fibers are the perfect solution for both men and women who want an all-natural, safe and truly effective way to instantly make thinning hair look full again.


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Customer Reviews

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Zak Bailey
Terrific product for thinning hair

Mostly i am impressed w/the product, however, the shaker style container does not allow for judging how much you are using OR where it is going--if it is not distributed on your scalp well, over cumulation in one spot occurs. Overall, tho, think it does help

Honoré Pinneau
Love this product. Have used for years.

Covers scalp bare areas better than any other product that I have used.

Liam Watsford
It works!

Great product, very satisfied. I have very thinning hair and it covers the areas perfectly. No bare scalp spots show after use. I will definitely reorder.

Paciano Udinese
This product is worth trying

Through the years I have used several types of hair fillers, some made my scalp itch, others the colors were flat making my scalp look dirty. I started out by purchasing the Fibolica spray pump, which I'm very impressed with. My problem is it wouldn't fit my other brands of powders I had been using, bummer. Well in order to use the pump I had to order a bottle of Fibolica hair fibers. WOW !!! I was very pleased, the spray pump works great and the powder does not itch, the color is med brown and fills in the thinning areas perfectly and stays in place. I just wish they sold the fibers in bulk so it would be less expensive. But from someone who's had to use lots of fill in products for thinning hair for many years I would highly recommend this brand , I would definitely purchase again. I hope this information helps in your decision to give this brand a try.

Melville Tougas
Works well

It puts on just like Hair Toppik - I have no complaints, I like the price of Fibolica better!

Cataldo Esposito
The Finishing Touch

This is an interesting product. Instead of rubbing it in, you sprinkle some on over the areas of concern. It adds the finishing touch on a careful application of other products.

Levi Neumayer
It works. Very easy to use.

This product works. Just dash a little on the spot area and comb your hair. It works instantly. I have not notice any residues on my pillow. I wash my hair every other day. I highly recommend this product. I got the smallest bottle to try out but I will be ordering the bigger bottle soon. The small bottle fits your purse if you have a mind to pack a weekend/overnight bag.

William Lu
Easy to apply and nobody can notice it is even ...

This stuff is just short of a miracle for thinning hair. I have used it for several years. Easy to apply and nobody can notice it is even there. It will last until your next shampoo.

Josh Burke
Confidence in a Jar!!

Fibolica has created the MECCA for hair enhancement! My husband has been in denial for the last several years regarding his hair.. Or lack of! We never really looked for a solution because we figured they'd either be too good to be true or too expensive & who can really blame Mother Nature for the inevitable! Until I stumbled upon this product which had an excellent price point & very interesting specs! This product is all it says it is & more! All you have to do is SPARINGLY sprinkle the formula on the thinning areas of the hair & watch the fibers instantly thicken & enhance the appearance of the follicles! It's really that simply! Remember, less is always more! It didn't look an ounce fake & totally resembled the looks of a natural head of hair. He really looked 10 years younger! Per the recommendations, we sealed the final look with hairspray to ensure all day stay. I took off one star purely for the fact that it DID begin to sweat off after a period of time, but it wasn't enough to make a big fuss (plus we live in the desert heat, so I understand). When you are ready to wash off the look, simply shampoo the hair.. Easy! One small bottle will last SEVERAL applications.. I'd say a few months at the minimum! Excellent product, 4 stars.

Christopher Hayes
What a great product!!!!

What a great product!!!! Love it, it's easy, and fixes my leftover problem from chemotherapy.... Yes!