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Fibolica® 2-Month Supply

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Instantly Make Thinning Hair Thick Again

Fibolica hair thickening fibers are the perfect solution for both men and women who want an all-natural, safe and truly effective way to instantly make thinning hair look full again.


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Customer Reviews

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Amaury De La Ronde
I love it

Excellent Seller. Recommendable and will buy again in a future. Thank you!

Gualtiero Bianchi
Great product

I was skeptical of this product, but have a wedding coming up and figured it was worth giving it a try. I'm glad I did. When I first received it, I was a little confused about how it would work, considering it's like a powder in a shaker. I figured it would look really fake and tacky. However, after using it, I could tell a big difference, and most importantly, it looked real! I had several people notice and ask how I got my hair to stop being so thin. I recommend trying it if you have thinning hair!!

Stephen Swanson
Instantly makes hair fuller

I'm pleased to review this hair building product. I'm using it daily and it covers my scalp very well and definitely makes my hair feel thicker. I'm really happy with the results.

Kai Sheridan
Like this product the best

I've tried them all, and like this product the best. Value is great. And I just fill the shakers from the products I used to use.

Gildo Lombardi
Product Works!

Fibolica Hair Fibers are an easy, natural, and inexpensive way to camouflage thinning hair.
While hair systems and transplants are also an alternative solution, they are more of a commitment and expense. I am very happy I found and tried the Fibolica hair product. I would absolutely recommend (and have) to others who have 'thinning hair'.

Oscar Huddleston
Works great on the vertical streak of bare scalp on the ...

Works great on the vertical streak of bare scalp on the back of my head...will continue to order this...lasts until each shampoo...

Alexander Talbot
Got exactly what i ordered and expected

I have waiting a long time for a product like this. If your hair is thin and you could see your scalp this is the product you need to use. It's easy to use. Just sprinkle on your hair and instantly your hair looks thick. Don't wait.

Jack Read
This is the second time I've ordered it and it works exactly like it says it will.

I have very thin, fine hair. As I am getting older it seems to be thinning even more & much more noticeable. A friend suggested that I try Fibolica and I have been very excited with the results. My hair looks great and much fuller. I have suggested this product to everyone I know that has a problem with thinning hair. It really makes a great difference in the way I feel about my appearance when I go out. Worrying about my hair is no longer a worry. Thanks so much. Diane

Christopher Gough
Perfect for those of us who have a wide part!

I bought this because I have an extremely wide part with black hair and a ghostly white scalp. There are a few pesky grays scattered throughout there with a white stripe along my hairline I've had since I was a teenager. My hair grows extremely fast and it feels like I'm dying it every three weeks lately. It comes in an adorable little blue purple salt shaker type bottle. I put my dainty watch beside it for size comparison. It's that easy to use as well. I sprayed a little hairspray along my part, sprinkled the fibers, pat them down, and finished with some more hairspray. It suggest using their finishing spray, but I didn't read that until after the fact. It didn't matter anyway. It looked amazing and natural!! It didn't hide all my unsightly grays, but it definitely made them look better! It gave me the effect of having volume and way more hair than what I have. It held up through work, a workout (I sweat profusely), and my constant need to run my fingers through my hair. I even put my hair up in a ponytail a couple of times. It didn't budge a bit. I can see myself using this everyday. This is super easy to use and would just add seconds to your morning hair styling routine. I will definitely be using this for special occasions where I want to have voluminous, healthy looking hair. I can't wait to try it out on my husband's thinning hair! I have to admit I thought this was a total gimmick and it would look fake, but I'm floored on how amazing it is. If you just need a little added umph to your hair, you need this! I bought this product at a discounted price, in exchange for my honest, truthful review. I owe nothing to them except a big thank you for making me look fabulous!

Burkett Marcheterre
Great product half the price of the competition

This stuff is awesome. My hair is mid back length and I'm not as thick in front of my hairline as I am on back. So I sprinkled some powder and I loved it. Here's what it does: it darkens your skin in the area that is thinning, so u instantly look like you got hair there. It darkens gray hair. It makes your hair thicker and fuller where you applied it. It's awesome. It doesn't stain or fall out. Once u sprinkle it stays put. I tell you, if you are thinning a bit or your hairline is wide, buy this product, I promise you won't regret it , PS then you'll thank me. Lol :)