Fibolica is like nothing you have ever seen before. Not only does Fibolica work better than any other hair loss concealer, but it is also safe, comfortable and inexpensive to use on a daily basis. Discover why thousands of satisfied men and women have voted Fibolica as the best hair loss solution right now.


Strong bonding

Due to the lower cost and convenience most other hair thickening products out there use wool (also labeled as keratin fibers) as their main ingredient. However, wool has a weak bond between with your natural hair. The hair fibers end up falling on your scalp rather than bonding to your existing hair, creating a very unnatural look. Another major problem is that the hair fibers will be easily washed out when it rains, blown off in the wind or even fall off when you lay your head down on couch or pillow.

The Solution:

Unlike other hair fibers, Fibolica uses a patented formula so the hair fibers will not clump together or fall off even in rainy and windy conditions. While most hair thickening products require you to use a hair spray to lock in the hair fibers, Fibolica's naturally derived plant fibers, Morroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, create a bond up to 200% stronger than normal hair fibers made from wool that the hair fibers will bond securely to your natural hair without the use of messy hair sprays.


triboelectric series diagram image


Here is a chart showing the Triboelectric Series, the further apart two materials are, the stronger the force of attraction between them. As you can see, wool (the material most regular hair fibers are made of) has a very close charge as human hair, which causes a weak attraction. Fibolica, which is made from Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum plant fibers, has a charge very far apart from human hair, making a stronger bond that will secure the hair fibers in place and give you a much fuller, more natural and lustrous look.


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The main ingredient of many regular hair thickening products is the use of animal furs, such as wool (also known as keratin fibers). They also use many synthetic chemicals, artificial preservatives and fillers. There have been many cases of unhappy people who have experienced irritation and rashes on their skin due to these harsh substances.

The Solution:

Fibolica uses a more unique and natural approach. The hair fibers are made from Morroccan Gossypium Herbaceum (a plant that only grows in arid regions of Morocco) and natural mineral colorants. Because of Fibolica's natural and organic nature, the hair fibers can be applied on even the most sensitive skin and not cause any discomfort, irritation, or side effects.


morroccan gossypium herbaceum image

natural mineral colorants image


Fibolica vs Regular Hair Fibers

Fibolica is like nothing you have ever seen before. Unlike other regular hair fibers that contain synthetic dyes and chemical bleaches, Fibolica is complete natural and safe to use even on the most sensitive skin. Fibolica's unique patented formula is not only safer, but also securely bonds up to 200% stronger than regular hair fibers due to its larger bonding (attraction) force between your hair and the hair fibers. See the difference between Fibolica hair fibers and regular hair fibers in the table below:

  fibolica vs regular hair fibers image


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Most other hair loss treatments cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. We understand cost is one of the top concerns most people have when it comes to choosing the best hair loss solution. Our goal is to try and help as many people as possible, which is why Fibolica is so inexpensive compared to every other hair loss solution available.

See the chart below to see how Fibolica is not only the safest and most effective choice, but also costs much less than all the other hair loss treatments offered right now.


fibolica vs other hair loss solutions image


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Key Features

  • See results right away. Instantly create a thick, natural looking head of hair.
  • Simple and easy to use. Takes less than 60 seconds to apply.
  • Completely safe. Made from 100% natural and organic plant fibers that bond very securely to your existing hair
  • Flexible and convenient. Compatible with all hair growth treatments and surgical procedures.
  • Inexpensive. Extremely affordable compared to every other hair loss solution available.
  • Completely undetectable. No one will ever know you are using it!



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