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it works just fine

so far I have used it only once. The price is much better than Caboki, but it sticks to your hair a lot faster. You can try to spread it with you hand and it works just fine.

Helpful helpful in building my confidence

This product has been very helpful in hiding some very thin areas on the top of my head. I will purchase again because it gives me confidence

Love this product!

I don't usually review products but I am so happy with Fibolica that I have to speak up. I have tried several things to try and cover my thinning hair - to cover the pink scalp peeking through. This is the easiest and most effective product I've found. Just sprinkle on a little when you see a "needy" spot and amazingly enough, it looks like you have hair there. It also lasts until you wash it out. Doesn't leave any residue on your clothes or give any other indication that you are using a product. I am so happy I found this product and plan to always have it on hand.


Amazing!! Washes off easy in shower but don't brush your hair after you've already put this in because you will leave lines on your scalp and have to reapply so it doesn't look weird. Light hairspray usually sets it for me.

Life saver...

My edges have been thinning due to certain hairstyles and it's been embarrassing trying to do updos with so much hair lose on the side. Thankfully, I just brush the hair up into a style, gel and shake this stuff on the problem areas, pat down with fingers.

this is the best of all Fibolica products- choose your color carefully

For lighter blonds so this wasn't the right color for me but the product itself is the best on the market. Just experiment to get your best hair color

Just having fun mixing and matching colors!!!

This is my main color that I use for mixing and matching my hair color. Works great, Dr. brown and Med. brown. Plus I have white that I use for the hair around my face which is natural blond. Makes for a nice look. My hair does not look thin any longer!!!

Natural look to cover balding spots

Easy to use and blends in with hair and looks natural. I just apply to balding spots on my head.

This is great WHEN you know how to apply it

Don't apply too much it will only make it look obvious. Your hair appears thicker since the product is concealing the before noticeable ""see through hair"

This is better than other brands.

Very easy to dispense the fibers and fibers latch onto my hair better than other brands.

this one does the best job.

I have used other products, but this one does the best job.

Great Product!

Great Product!

Pretty good for thinning hair

So about this Fibolica hair concealer.....This stuff works...I tried it on immediately after I got it in the mail...It's actually pretty great. Especially if you're really self conscious about bald spots... I mostly bought this to cover the crown area on my head..That's pretty much the most thinning area on my head....Fibolica covers it very well. and the dark brown color blends in well with my natural hair color.

Works well to cover the thinning spots

Works well to cover the thinning spots

Can't Live Without

Completely disguises my thin areas and makes my hair look really thick. I tell people I have thinning and they cannot believe it. It's a real life saver and super easy to use! It does make a bit of a mess in the bathroom, but I clean weekly so it doesn't bother me too much.

Love this product!

Covers where my hair is thinning.

Superb hair fibers

Excellent if you are in the beginning or middle stages of balding. Covers up bald spots excellently though. Recommend to the fullest.

A great product

A great product

Great product and a fraction of what Bosley charges. Very happy with it.

I am very self conscience about my balding spot. I saw this product in a magazine and thought I would try it. I am a black female. This product makes my head looks like I have a head full of natural thick hair.

Works wonders

Works wonders


Great Product!

Best of its kind

Amazing product at a great price! Best of its kind! Super fast shipping and great customer service! I will definitely order again!

She is always looking for a way to make it look like her hair is fuller

I obtained this product for my mother, whose hair is very thin. She is always looking for a way to make it look like her hair is fuller, as her hair is silvery white, and her scalp shows through in places. We tried the grey color, as it was closest. After using only a tiny bit of Fibolica, I could already tell a difference in the appearance of her hair. Her scalp was a bit less visible, and her hair looked thicker on top. I love how simple the product is to apply, as it just shakes out like powder. I think we still have some experimenting to do with how much to apply, but I would certainly recommend it to give the appearance of fuller hair.

This product just covers the thin areas by providing color.

Reasonable priced relative to the retail bottle. Its the same quality at a lesser price. I have been applying it for the past 3 weeks.

I did not like this product

Amazing product at a great price! Best of its kind! Super fast shipping and great customer service! I will definitely order again!