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It's amazing! I have very bad thinning hair

Fibolica covers my balding spots entirely and also makes my hair fuller. Love love this product. And it's all natural :)


I have a cowlick near the back of the crown on my head. I have to spend so much time working my hairstyles around it because if not the area appears to be a balding spot. I read about Fibolica online and decided to give it a shot. I style my hair and then use the product around and directly on my cowlick. It makes it look like full hair is there versus being able to see my scalp. Great product!

Makes hair look a lot thicker!

I have been using this product for a few years now, and can't live without it. It covers up the thinnest areas of my hair and adds volume. Highly recommend it!

Excellent product!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought it for my mom and for my husband and they love it :-)

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Galeazzo Palermo
Great Product

I love this stuff. It totally covers my thinning hair in the front; and blends in completely. Did I mention it covers grey too? The medium brown is actually a dark brown, so be aware.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Rebecca Balashova
Wonderful stuff. It covers your scalp perfectly

Wonderful stuff. It covers your scalp perfectly. I absolutely love it.

I do really like this product

Works very well. I do really like this product. Our son uses it, too, on the top of his head where he has a bald spot. I found that getting a slightly darker color than your regular hair color seems to look a bit better. A color that's too light looks like roots that need coloring.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Bergdís Pálmadóttir
The Finishing Touch

This is an interesting product. Instead of rubbing it in, you sprinkle some on over the areas of concern. It adds the finishing touch on a careful application of other products.


I started researching ways to hide my thinning hair. I'm Hispanic and never had an issue with my hair until I gave birth to my son almost 21 years ago. I saw this product and every review and YouTube I saw had amazing results! So, I went out and got it. I couldn't believe how wonderful this product works! Now, I have to perfect this process but for the first time use, I think it turned out amazing! My husband thinks so too! I tend to sweat through my head, so tomorrow will test it as I return to work. I will keep you updated.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Ambrosino De Luca
If your hair is patchy, you need this.

Wonderfull product. My friend is so happy with the results that he will definable continue using it. He spent a lot of money on treatment for hair loss and Fibolica does the job just great!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Madeleine Matthews

Couldn't believe how well this worked. My hair was thickened in a matter of seconds! Also couldn't believe how easy it was to do and the color was absolutely perfect. I have already ordered another bottle and the pump sprayer.
Great product!

Fabulous product!

Love this product! It does exactly what is claims to do! Makes my hair look thicker!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Leopoldo Napolitaniis
Finally a natural looking coverage !!

Love this product. It's the best I have ever used. Easy to apply !! The coverage is excellent.

Sticks better than Caboki

Great product ! This is my 4th reorder.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Marina Hallvarðsson
Hides my scalp perfectly!

I have thinning hair on top and use this everytime I go out. It is really great and stays in place even when I work out. It does not drift any where on you face and does NOT run off when you sweat.! Does make my hair look like it is thicker than it really is. I continue to buy this over and over. Totally addicted to this as part of my hair styling. You dont need to use it every day unless you wash your hair everyday. Sometimes I just restyle the next day and this stuff stays. Worth every dime !

This is the best

Perfect colour for my hair of a medium brown. Covers effectively, it has lasted me about 2 months, wearing it every few days. This is not the kind of product you should expect to last a very long time if you are wearing it everyday. But it does a nice job in terms of coverage.

WOW makes a big difference.

Really like this product works very good. Would order this product again. Also would order from this seller again.

Won't be disappointed!

This product was amazingly easy to use. I read some reviews about clumping, but have no idea how that could have happened. Maybe the user tried it on wet hair? The dispenser is well made. After blow drying, a few taps and it's easy to put it exactly where you want it. I ruffle the roots of my hair with my fingertips to spread it if needed. The first time I used it, I was wearing a white blouse. I did use just a little hair spray to try to help it stay and I can happily report nothing fell to my shoulders by the end of the day. What a relief to have this and to be able to stop worrying every time I walk out the door.

Used this product for around four years now.

Saves me embarrassment from a few spots that are thinning.

Very good product....

This is a second I ordered this item... this time round ordered 2 bottles instead of 1. Worth every penny!!! Thank you.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Christina Beike
So effective

Very satisfied with both product and service. So pleased, I ordered another 5 week supply the same day I used it!

the great masking product for your spot

I ordered the smaller bottle to try out and instantly fell in love with it. The masking is so great that nobody really noticed my spot on the crown. It is better to wear it at night when going to functions....
I already ordered more from this seller for my stock. This says more than anything I can put in words. Thanks

Works soooooo well!!

Stays put even after sweating at the gym due to heavy workout!!

Fibolica hair building fibers are the best !!!!

fantastic for anyone with thinning hair, blends and stays in place makes your hair feel like it once did :)

Works soooooo well!!

Stays put even after sweating at the gym due to heavy workout!!