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Thicker hair instantly

"I love these kinds of fibers.
I have all my hair thankfully still, but It's kind of thin, and with certain hair styles or hair products it almost looks like I have less than desirable patches of little hair.
These fibers instantly fill those patches in. It looks like I have more, thicker hair, instantly.
They're easy to wash off, but I have to say I only gave it 4 stars because:
1.) They're kinda hard to apply, if you're not careful you get them over your face and then.. well it can be a hassle.
2.) If you're not careful on how you apply them, it can look a bit on the fake side. Someone asked if had an accident with Printer toner -__-
But besides that once you get the hang of it, applying it becomes easier and then they really make a great difference!
I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for my Honest and Unbiased review."

Hair fibers for thinning hair.

I was pleasantly surprised how well these fibers worked. I just sprinkled it in the areas where my hair was thinning and rubbed it in after placing my hair back over the area and you couldn't even tell my hair was thinning there. The color matched perfectly with my current hair color. I am very happy with this product and will purchase again. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I will be repurchasing when i finish this container of it. I highly recommend trying this you will not be disappointed.

Same stuff, half the price!

Same exact product as Toppik. It's actually made by the same company. Same stuff, but much cheaper! Awesome.

Fantastic Product

Was told by a friend about this wonderful product. It WORKS! It does not grow more hair but certainly makes it look fuller just like the ads tell you. I cannot be more pleased with the results.

Just perfect both at home and for a trip

Just perfect both at home and for a trip

Works very well

This product give me the confidence to go out without wearing a hat.
I have been using this for over a five years, I was lucky my sister shared it with me.
I'm no longer concerned should someone take my picture from a a facial picture to one from behind.
If you have thin hair this is the product to use.

Bought Monday and received on Thursday. Will buy again.

Bought Monday and received on Thursday. Will buy again.

Fibolica Hair Product

Very pleased with this product, will buy again!!! I was not disappointed in any way! Will recommend to everyone!!! Great!

then you are like me and need it

I was first introduced to this product at a local salon I go to.
It works. I have tried a lot of stuff.
No rub off. No embarrassing pillow spots. NO ""ducking"" when someone goes to touch your hair hair
If you are looking at my review, then you are like me and need it, want to try it, or just want to know others agree with you that this is a great product.

I love this product

I love this product. I have a weird part in the back of my hair that seperates and shows my scalp through my dark hair and all I have to do is sprinkle a little of Fibolica on the area and it makes the part dark and blend in with the rest of my hair. I've also used this to help hide my clip in extensions! Just put it around the clip and it makes where you clipped the extension in blend in so well. My hair has been different shades from med-dark brown, almost black so I ordered the dark brown and it blends perfectly with every shade. Also, since I only use it on certain areas of my hair, it seems to last forever. One thing I would recommend is after you sprinkle it on the area you want coverage is to pat over it so any access falls away. Don't do it over anything white! The light dust of it will fall onto whatever you're doing it over so you may have a small mess to clean but it wipes away easily with a moist wipe or cloth. I usually do it in my bathroom and just have to wipe the counter after. Definitely a minor issue just as almost any makeup/beauty product you use can get a little messy sometimes. I recommend this product to anyone with thinning hair as it gives you a fuller look from your roots. I will be a lifelong customer of this product unless they come out with something permanent that does just as good of a job. Five stars easily!

Love it!

Love it!

Love this product it has changed my life!

Love this product it has changed my life!

Works surprisingly well...

Works surprisingly well...

Grey coverage

I bought this to help with the grey coverage in between colorings. I have dark hair and this works well. Colors the scalp a little too much...but gets the job done.

Effective and Easy

I quite like this product. It's easy to use, effective, and quite reasonably priced. The directions are clear and concise, which I greatly appreciate. The range of colors available is good. If one uses too much in error, or for some reason is not satisfied with the effect, it quickly shampoos out--so no risk.
The above constitutes my honest and unbiased opinion, based on a product provided by the seller, for review purpose only, at no remuneration.

and it looks like will do the what I want it to do

I use this product one time so far, and it looks like will do the what I want it to do, I just need to buy the top to put on it to spray it and not sprinkle it in. so far I like it.

It works.

Last option before hair transplant. It really works.

very pleased.

Easier than the spray fibers and neater.
very pleased.




Absolutely in love with this product!!! Will definately order again!!!!

Finally! You're not broke!

These fibers really give your hair an instant fuller look and the company lets you achieve this for a fraction of the price you have been paying for years!

Great product!

I recieve chemotherapy every six months and this product has helped greatly - it really does fill in the gaps and it's not noticeable. It does not get on clothing and it will last until I wash my hair - it has even stayed on during swimming with no streaks rolling down my face. I'd recommend this to anyone who either just wants fuller hair or to cover areas where the scalp may be more visible. It tends to thicken up existing hair - really a nice product... it does boost my mood when I feel that I'm looking better :)

This stuff works

This stuff works and I have very thin hair. The only downside a very messy bathroom. The stuff gets everywhere.

Excellent product!

Excellent product!

Great product, very minor complaints.

Overall this product is great, I only have some minor complaints. As for my situation, my hair loss is class 2 or 3 (mild to borderline moderate) so basically I have some left even in the worst areas. I cut my hair short so the top of my head hair length is always between 3/4 inches up to 1 inch in length. I think having some hair left is almost a requirement in order to get this product to work best. I say that because if you have a spot that is 100% bald, and you spray/sprinkle this product on, then it does not look natural on your scalp, at least on mine it does not. I thought it looks a bit like shoe polish which is not the desired effect. But if your careful how you apply it then it really does a great job, looks natural, and makes existing hair look fuller. I found it works best with the spray applicator especially when you hold it about 6 inches (or more) away when you apply it. By the way, this stuff does make a mess on your sink and surrounding vanity area as mentioned in another review, I find myself using a tissue to clean up around my sink every day. Granted, I probably make it worse cause I hold it away from my head when I spray it.