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Hide the donut

Good to hide the donut works well - i have used it for the big events to hide the little spot on my head..


Okay, I literally have tried them all. This Fibolica is the winner.It is fabulous coverage, it stays in , it is better than all the rest and it is CHEAPER then all the rest. There was one other I liked but the price was way too high. Many thanks.

THIS ONE IS AMAZING! I use it because I like my hair ...

OMG ! I Viewed so many different Brands of this product and I was so confused on which I should get. THIS ONE IS AMAZING ! I use it because I like my hair to look darker in the top. This is definitely worth the money. The bottle isn't super big but it is filled all the way up to the top.

I like it so far

I like it so far. Doing what it is supposed to do. Fills up empty spaces. I put a piece of clear tape on top to control the flow of fibers.

they look like they're my natural hair

I have a few balding spots but Fibolica covered them so well, that they look like they're my natural hair.

rapid delivery of desired product

I received exactly what I ordered in exactly the delivery time promised for exactly the specified price. As good as it gets.

This stuff is the best for thinning to heavy thinning hair

This stuff is the best for thinning to heavy thinning hair. After I apply, I begin to believe that i have a full head of hair. Self trickery? Why not :)

Good Product does as

Good. Product does as promised

This works well

Follow instructions!

Good product!

Good product!

Worth a shot

So much better than the spray. Looks more natural without the extra shine. Definitely recommended

Five Stars

Good product!

awesome, have to have some hair

Wish I knew about this years ago, awesome, have to have some hair. If completely bald, it won't work. Not even messy.


Great can't say enough good things about it

Fibolica Hair Builder

Very good product and really does give the impression that you have more than you really do! I highly recommend if you are looking for a quick and easy way to cover up thinning hair!!

For thinning hair

Need a darker color next time.

I love it.

The best!!!

My hair is thinning terribly and this stuff makes it look perfect.

Always delivers

Hate that we need it, but very happy that it is available

Amazing product

If I could be a spokesperson for this product I would. I've lost a lot of hair on the crown of my head. Fibolica fills it in and makes it imperceptible. It's amazing!

Five Stars


Does a good job for thin hair

Very good product but I think it dries out my hair. I do find it covers well and blends into my own hair well.

You do what you have to do

In our society, baldness is not a trait that is envied, especially if the person is female. Unfortunately I have the need to use this sort of product. I do like the fact that it's 100% natural.

When it comes to that it's perfect. Just make sure to not go crazy sprinkling ...

The fibers do just what they say. They cover all the areas on my head where my hair has thinned. When it comes to that it's perfect. Just make sure to not go crazy sprinkling this product, because the fibers easily get everywhere.