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The coverage is amazing! Love that aspect

The coverage is amazing! Love that aspect, but it creates a black dust on your collar and shoulders. Even if I put my shirt on after, I still have to fix my hair again if it's windy or falls out of place. When I do that, a black dust falls on me that stays until I wash my clothes.

After trying several different types of product this is Definitely ...

After trying several different types of product this is Definitely my go to brand. Blend and color is spot on.

Fibolica Hair Building Fiber

I am so happy to have found this item. It works really well. I have tried many others and nothing had worked. For the price, it's really worth it and more. I have since upgraded to the bigger container being that I will save a good amount. I recommend this to anyone that has issues with fine thinning hair.



Good Product

So far so good. Liking it and will probably re-order.

Five Stars

Great product!

Love it. Stays on the cover areas on top ...

Love it . Stays on the cover areas on top where my hair is thinning. I'm not so insecure during the day .

What a great product!!

This product definitely does everything it claims! It helps covers any exposed spots with ease! It is very easy to apply and as long as you pick the correct color it blends in great with your natural hair. It is also very water resistant, definitely a great product and a must have for all balding men!

Four Stars

Works good if hair loss is minimal

Great stuff!

Covers those embarrassing thin spots and stays in place. It’s a vanity saver!

Does what it says !!

Works good !! And fast shipping no issues at all !!

Four Stars

It works well for the most part. A little powdery looking at times.

Skeptical but seems to be good

The "Fibolica Hair Building Fibers" is an interesting product. A family member used it because he has the hair color that matched and he seemed to like it. At first he was skeptical because the bottle was so light but once he got the hang of it, he said it was pretty good.

Thicker Hair

works wonderfully well. I can't even see where my hair is thinning. color blends with my own (light blonde color)



This product is the real deal

Awesome customer service and great product. Thank you

Great product

Luv this! I dont feel as self conscience as I did before I purchased this. My hair is thinning down my part and for a women its devastating.This blends in and looks like hair. Use 1 shade lighter since it runs a little dark.

Works well

I dye my blonde hair dark brown so the root regrowth makes everything look baaad and bald!
I started using this and it hides the regrowth well. Sometimes I use a little hairspray to make the fibers stick better.

Awesome product!

Awesome product! Great price! I can't live without this product!

Love the way it covers.

Love the way it covers.

I love that it covers very thin spots and it also ...

I could not exist without this!!!! I love that it covers very thin spots and it also adds thickness with the fibers. I love this product!

Three Stars

easy to apply. hide thinning areas

I wept tears of joy. Tips and how I apply it

I cannot praise this product enough.
I'm mid 30's and my hairline is starting to recede with a bald batch on my crown starting to get more noticeable. It's starting to really get to me and I've considered going down a hair transplant path until I came across this product in a youtube review. After watching the review I rushed out to my local pharmacy which stocked it and bought some with high expectations.
Well those expectations were exceeded! To say I was thrilled with the result is an understatement. A few squirts with the pump applicator and my hair line was fully restored with the bald patch replaced with a thick crop of hair. I wept tears of joy.
Tips and how I apply it:
It's been a few weeks now and I have the process down pat. Basically I blow dry my hair to get it as straight and dry as possible, I have the pump applicator and squirt in the areas that are effected using the hairline comb thingy. Some of it may get on your forehead so you have to be careful when removing, best use a dry finger and lightly brush it off or else there will be a line which doesn't look natural. Sometimes I'll add it to my already good crop of hair which gives a super thick look as though I belong to boy band. Then I'll add a small amount of wax and lightly rub it through my hair to give it the shape I want.
It will take some experimentation before you get the right results, so if you have a special event or something make sure you experiment with it every day for a week till it becomes second nature, otherwise you could end up with a slightly un natural look which could make people suss.
I use the medium brown color and I bought the pump applicator (way more accurate when applying and uses much less of the product), hair-line comb, and the post application spray to keep it in place. Not sure if the spray is necessary but I got it anyway.

Looks like you have more hair, and covers grays!

I love this product for a quick fix when going out. It really does make it look like you have more hair than you really do have and I like to use it to cover up my roots when I want to ignore that gray hair. It doesn't take much just shake it in and tousle your hair around a little bit. This works much like some fancy mascaras with those added fibers, just for your hair! This is a great thing to have when you want to add some strands or cover some gray hair (love it for that!) I did receive a discount on this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. If this review has been helpful to you please click YES because that encourages me to continue writing helpful and informative reviews! If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will answer quickly.

GREAT PRODUCT! Didn't stain my hand when I ran...

GREAT PRODUCT ! Didn't stain my hand when I ran my hands through my hair . Didn't stain my pillow. The next day no need to reapply. When I took A bath the water didn't change color. It seems to stay on even after a couple of shampoos. So glad I decided to try it