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This has saved the day

For a certain member of my family who is as old as dirt, this has alleviated her embarrassment over her thinning hair. Undetectable until very close up to her head.

Great product....ordered many many times!

Great product....ordered many many times!

Good results.

Good results.


i always use Fibolica hair building fibers every day. i feel confident with this product and by now is part of my daily life. great product

awesome item...

awesome item...

Good product

Good product but it goes quickly when sleeping or washing

Great product!

Great product!

Fuller looking

Does the trick

love it

i have been using this product for about a year, and have tried other brands, this brand has been my favorite. i have very thin hair, this product actually does make it look like its not so thin, coupled with a good hair cut of course. only thing i dislike is that it will sometimes come off on my hands while i'm styling my hair.

Makes an "old lady" feel young again!!

Fibolica certainly helped my silly cowls lick and made me not worry about what people behind me were thinking. This product is really amazing and helpful. Thanks!!

Fills in areas to make hair even where thin or balding

Fills in areas to make hair even where thin or balding and mostly stays on even when swimming in pool. Shampoo is all that's needed to get it out. People can't tell thin areas aren't actual full hairs. It's awesome! My head hasn't looked like it's had this much hair on it in 15 years. Highly recommend.

Great product!

This stuff it great. I didn't notice losing any of it during the day until I washed my hair. I have some crazy colors going on with my hair right now and this blended nicely. Very happy with my purchase

Hides thinning hair on crown of very well.

This product is great if you have thinning hear on the CROWN of your head like me. It really doesn't work for a receding or thinning front hairline. Seriously, if you have a receding hairline, just save up for hair plugs or buzz your hair and move on with your life.
Tip: Spray a bit of light hold hair spray over it to make it stay on all day. That will keep of from rubbing off so easily and make it more sweat proof.
Also, I'd recommend getting the larger size bottle, because this size doesn't last very long.

Not impressed; I don't get all the good reviews for this stuff......

I was looking for some volume on my fine hair. This works no better than a dry spray shampoo, so if you want to save money and boost your hair volume a little, I suggest trying a dry spray shampoo (there are many brands). I suppose maybe this is a product more for people with very, very thin hair and maybe some bald spots? Maybe they would have better luck with this, not sure.

It's a great product.

It's a great product.

My hair does seem fuller

My hair does seem fuller

This is an AMAZING product!

This is an AMAZING product!!! I bought it for my husband and he absolutely loves it! I really didn't notice his bald spot, but to him it was a huge deal. This product covers it perfectly and NO MORE BALD SPOT. I plan on always keeping an extra bottle on hand just to make sure he never runs out. :)

Works great

This is the second time I've ordered it and it works exactly like it says it will. I'm very happy with it.

Great for thinning hair

This is a great product - It hides thinning spots making my hair look fuller. I highly recommend it to anyone whith this problem

I love this product

It works. I love this product.

Fibolica Hair Building Fibers

I stumbled upon this product by accident on YouTube. After wearing wigs for several years I noticed my hair is very thin at the top. While waiting on biotin to work I figured I would give this a try. I saw videos on both (biotin & hair Fibolica) via YouTube. I spent about $15 including shipping and was pleasantly surprised by how well this covers the thin areas of my hair. At this price, it's worth a try. You won't be sorry!

surprised it works!

I was quite surprised how well it works. Be sure to get the correct color match or it will look different than the hair around the spot your trying to cover. Othwise, it really works.

Better than competitors and refills

Spouse has been using Fibolica for 7 years. Reliable product with consistent performance.

I am probably using it wrong.

I bought this thinking that it would make hair feel fuller. This product is like a bunch of fibers and I put it in my clean hair and rubbed it onto my scalp it just balled the product. Not sure what to think of it.

Love this stuff though

I would be really limited in hair styles with this product. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is due to the slight messiness of it on my bathroom counter top! Love this stuff though!!! 👍👍