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Really enjoy the product- covers well

What is keeping me from rating this 5 stars is that upon arrival I see the fibers are product of China. I emailed the company and did not hear back- I am very careful with origins as I need to be gluten and hormone free- the color and texture are spot on - if I was aware of the " plant based fiber" makeup I would definitely rate this a 5.

I cant live without this stuff. only product that covers thin hair.

This product has helped me feel more confident about my thinning hair and I think has kept me from feeling as though I need a wig - highly recommend!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Dominik Gersten
Wonderful for thin or thinning hair!!!

The product is wonderful!! The color looks very natural and really fills in thin spots, so no scalp is visible. It lasts all day
without touch ups, which is very, very important when you are a busy working professional!! I have not tried it in water yet, but that will be my next test. I highly recommend this product!!!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Arnold Samaniego
As good as expensive alternative

Great price and wonderful product. Same as the really expensive one!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Sigursteinn Marteinsson
Make your hair look thicker and fuller with one easy application!

Great product. Have tried others at a much higher price and this product works just as well. Color matched mine perfect, better than others, didn't have to mix. Will definitely use again.

Color perfect

I liked it enough to buy it again in a larger jar. The gray color blended perfectly with my own hair.

Nice Product for Thinning hair

Wonderful product but pricey. Covers thin spots very well. Sometimes hard to tell how to order the right color. Great product.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Claude Bordeaux
Covers well great product!

I've used other fiber hair products but this one I love because of the way it's bottle top sprinkles the fibers onto your hair. I also love the way it looks on my hair really natural looking.
Thank You Fibolica Hair Thickening Fibers for carrying such a Great Product!!!

Love this product!

Was skeptical at first but after I tried it I realized that I could see the results immediately. My hair looks fuller and I look 10 years younger. Wouldn’t leave my house without it!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Jóhannes Samúelsson
Best product I have used for this purpose

Great product that's hard to find at beauty supply and most of all great price cheaper than anywhere else.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Eik Pálsdóttir
Good coverage, product does what it says it will.

Thank god for this temporary concealer, without it I wouldn't be able to leave the house without feeling self-conscious about my thinning hair. I use a combination of the medium brown and dark brown. It takes a little practice, but you can make it really blend with the hair you have.
I changed my review from 4 to 5 stars because this is the only temporary solution I can find to conceal thinning hair that actually works. Hair systems at salons that specialize in thinning hair are available, but if you are not ready to spend the money/time per year, and if you still have hair, this stuff really helps and works for men and women (I am a 33 year old female).

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Castore Calabrese
Need existing hair to make work

I'm mixed with African and phillipino. I tried using it when i had a low cut, in some areas where i had no hair at all. Unfortunately it didn't look natural. But I grew my hair out, and I applied the fibers then. that's when it looked more natural and blended. But u NEED hair for this to work. It is for thinning hair, not for a bald head....

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Haukur Theodórsson
Using this for years

One bottle lasts a year - great price. This stuff really fluffs up your hair and was great when my hair fell out after my two pregnancies.

Regain Confidence

My hair is naturally curly but has been thinning for several years. It finally reached a point where it was noticeable. Being a woman in the performing arts I realized I needed to take action before it became too obvious. I started to use Minoxidil, thickening shampoos, and hair vitamins. My hair is healthier and there are signs things might be getting better. However, the process takes too long so I wanted something in the meantime that I could use to help me regain my confidence. I found it in Fibolica. So easy to use and the results are immediate. I even went out in windy weather and wasn't afraid that my thin spots would show. Whether or not the Minoxidil works, I know I can use this product for as long as I want and no one, not even my husband, notices! Get the 10 gram first to be sure you like it, but then go ahead and get the bigger bottles with holding fiber hairspray.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Guðbjartur Kristjánsson
Best solution for that thinning hair...

I've tried rogaine, minoxidyl, and nioxin, but all of those take time if they are even going to work at all. So for a quick solution Fibolica is the greatest, people can't even tell that i don't have much hair up top. It is a really awesome product that i will be using for many years to come.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Arthur Þormóðsson
I have used this on the top of my head and noone notices

My hair is dark brown but the dark brown fibers are just a little more darker almost black. I have used this on the top of my head and noone notices except people im around all the time like my wife said it looks thick! An darker because its thicker, but looks natural. I told one person at work, first asking if he noticed anything and he said new clothes? What? I said look at my hair. He said what? It is thicker and look at these pictures on my phone. Before and after. He said it looks great! I have receding hairline and cant do anything about that but my hair is a little thin on top. I put this on and i look younger( im 27) and healthier with thicker dark hair on top unnoticeable if you can do it right. Wonderful i think in my opinion.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Gísli Antonsson
No bald spots for me

If I sleep funny, my hair will part in the back and I just can't get it back in place unless I wash my hair. Fibolica takes care of that problem. Love it.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Adelmar Carrión
The Fibolica hair fiber is great, I have been bragging about to every one

This is a great product. This has been about my 5th or 6th order and I will always order from here. The quality is just as good as Bosley, toppik or any other, but no need to pay for the trademarked name. I love this company and product and hope they can keep the low cost going. It's perfect.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Rudolph Medvedev
This is a wonderful product and I recommend it

I have thinning blond hair, so was excited to try yet another remedy to disguise it's continuing lack of scalp cover.
This is the most unusually textured thing I've tried; yet somehow it did the job! It sprinkles on like a powder, yet it's not a powder when you rub it between your fingers?! It covers the scalp nicely, not sticky or gummy. It kind of lays on your scalp and gives the appearance of more hair at the scalp. Don't disturb it once it in there; it'll scooch over into a little pile of soft fibers. It's ok to comb your hair, just not rake the comb across the scalp. I'm absolutely thrilled with this stuff! It comes in a decent sized black sprinkle container... and since you only use it on the top of your head, I can see this size lasting for a very long time!
I'm going to buy this in another color for an older friend; the blond color matched my hair perfectly... it's pretty light. I can see a darker color working even better for someone; this is an exciting find!

A good product and a perfect and easy solution

Works perfectly. I have been losing my hair like crazy due to a medicine I am taking. It was at the point that I could see my scalp on the top of my head and it was really not nice. I am so happy I got this product that is a lot cheaper than other brand. I just sprinkle the powder on the top of my head where I could see my scalp, and the powder blend with my hair and my scalp disappear... it's magic ! very easy to apply. I put some hairspray as advice, but did not have any the first 2 days and it stays on my head with no problems. I would recommend this product for everyone who is having thinning hair and feel self-conscious about it.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Settimio Iadanza

I swear by this product.

Fuller hair-look

I've been using this product for about a year, maybe longer. My hair is thinning on top and I just have to use a little to make it look natural. I buy 2 shades and mix them to get my natural color. Works great and lasts a long time! Would definitely recommend!

WOW!! Impressive product!!!

I lowered my expectations on this, my hype alert was on high alert! Nevertheless I made the move to order and got it. Wow very impressive!! I feel I have my confidence back. Sadly, so much pressure is placed on us dudes from media and advertising about how thinning /balding men are some how inferior. If you have patchy thin hair and need some coverage to complete your hair this product will do just that. I work at a job where there is high humid heat over 100 degrees and i sweat alot and this stuff rocked it, big time, also high winds preceded my walk out to the car and nothing phased the Fibolica, I had a few sprays of cheap hairspray in it and it passed both the high wind test and sweat test. One further note, I also applyed dermmatch first and then the toppick over my hairline, this worked great, the only issue the dermmatch ran slightly around the hairline not super noticeably, i simply would look in mirror at work take a paper towel and and damp a small spot from the heavy sweating at work and bam!! good to go!! My coworkers, didn't even notice, of course I would hide behind my bandana before an acceptable practice if you can rock that look and have a favorable enviroment for that implmentation, never goes out of style, just nice to know when I don't want to wear it I can have the illusion of a fool head of hair. Additional note I applied it to frontal hair line, it works great for patchy hair loss as long as you have enough for the fibers to attach to. If you are hesitating try the small bottle first it, took me about 15 min. to apply dermmatch and Fibolica and about an hour just happily looking in the mirror!!!! enjoy!!!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Alighiero Sagese
A must have for thinning hair

It is embarrassing when your hair starts to thin as you get older, this product has restored my confidence, it is easy to use and blends well with my gray hair so you can no longer see my scalp, you don't have to use much to accomplish your desired results. I also like it because it is affordable and the shipping was fast. I can't say enough good things about the shipper and the product. I have reordered and will continue to do so in the future.

Too bad there's not a shade between medium brown and light ...

I buy this one all the time. I wish it was a little less red. Too bad there's not a shade between medium brown and light brown - maybe golden ash brown would be nice.