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Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Quintino Trevisano
Good products to cover thinning hair.

Helps cover my thinning areas. Will be re-ordering soon.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Timothy Kovalev
Very useful

I love this product to hide some of the patches I have. It's easy to do it and covers what you want to hide.

Really does a good job compared to what I was I was using before

Received more fibers than I paid for. Really does a good job compared to what I was I was using before.

Good camouflage

It does a good job covering the scalp, but it tends to be clumpy when applied to the areas being covered, especially near the forehead. I need it, so I use it.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Madison Hancock
I highly recommend this for thinning hair. Fuller look is immediate.

This is a great product. get a natural thicker look and I was very surprised at the result. give it a try

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Deodato Delgadillo
Great price, fast shipping

These fibers hide areas that are thinning very well for the price, and they stay put.

Work great

Love this

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Xenia Alekseyeva
Boosted Confidence

Boosted ConfidenceGreat, inexpensive alternative to the name brand products. Finally, hair fibers that work just as well (maybe better!) for a quarter of the price!

Hair Magic

I absolutely love this product. Within the last year I have been experiencing thinning hair in the middle of my head. My hairdresser suggested this and I made the purchase. It really worked wonders; you would not be able to see the thinning area, after just a few sprinkles I was absolutely enamored with this product. The seller was awesome as well; the process was easy and it arrived right when I needed it the most. I would definitely recommend this to another.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Bethany Fizelle
This is the MOST amazing product that I have tried

Okay everyone, you can stop looking for a product to help with covering up thin or balding hair! This is the MOST amazing product that I have tried (and I've tried them all). The Fibolica Hair Thickening Fibers do not fly all over the place like the other products, it stays exactly where you put it! And, the coverage is great! I don't feel I have to use as much either, like I had to with other coverage products. I can't say enough good things about this product. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Barry Bourgeois

I tried this product for the first time. Surprisingly it really did work. While this is not a cure for baldness or thinning hair, it really helps cover up the starkness of my scalp against my dark hair and is pretty much undetectable. Just be sure to look closely in the mirror afterward to be sure you don't have any on your forehead or face as it does tend to travel a bit if you are not careful. Great product and though a bit expensive worth every penny.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Isaac Lovegrove
5 stars!

awesome product. color matched perfectly. order arrived before projected delivery date, which was great!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Harbin Deserres
Color matches perfectly, Fibers cling!!

I suffer from thyroid issues and with those problems comes thinning hair and eventually, permanent hair loss. I've asked my doctor time and time again on what to do and there's really not much, unless you take medication that may or may not work... With that said, a girlfriend (who is a hairdresser) mentioned that some of her clients have used these hair fibers to fill in their bald spots. I sort of laughed at the idea, but I have fallen in cosmetic love with these guys. What an invention. The bottle is easily used, with a few mere shakes on your scalp, and BOOM! Who said you were bald, lady?! You can't tell the difference. The color matches my dark brown hair. Great product!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Isaac Lovegrove
5 stars!

awesome product. color matched perfectly. order arrived before projected delivery date, which was great!

Works great.

I use it daily to cover my crown area where I have some thinning. Works great.

Very Good Coverage

The product does look natural. I did have to be very careful to make sure that I did not breathe the product in while applying it.

Great Product

I use the light and medium brown mixed. Product goes on great and does not come off. Works perfectly for my older aged hair that is thinning. You need t buy the top part to be able to apply it correctly but I do not use the spray and it stays all day.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Charlie Sellheim
Does as stated!

This product does exactly as advertised. The color matches, connot tell where the bald spot is located. I bought this product for my husband, and he is thrilled by the results. Thank You

Awesome Product

I have been using this product for over 5 years now, and have tried countless competitors (Hair topper,Toppik, etc.) but none of them compare to the texture, versatility and overall value of Fibolica. I'd recommend it to anyone. It's so good, my barber can't even tell the difference!!


Truely an amazing product. I can't believe how effective this product is. Would highly recommend.

It looks really good when applied

This is great stuff. I was impressed with the photos another reviewer posted so decided to go ahead and try it. I'm really glad I did. I have dark brown hair and the middle part is getting wide enough that I'm not happy with the way it looks. This fills it in enough that now it looks good. I've held a mirror up to my part and the product isn't noticeable. I like this!

I love this product

It totally conciels my balding area and help me feel confident when I go out. I have purchased several of these.

Love Fibolica!

It's great being able to get a good product that you use all the time and get it at half the price that you would pay in a "beauty product" retail store, plus have it delivered to your door without shipping fees!!

Five Stars

Best kept secret!!

Works well for the most part

I got this product so that i could hide my forehead. The products works well for the most part and the price is good too but the fiber could be little thicker, thats the only issue but otherwise works good