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Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Eliot Galarneau
Works great for adding a little volume to thin hair

Works great for adding a little volume to thin hair. Especially like it for covering up skin color on scalp so hair doesn't look so thin near scalp.


This hair product is amazing and provide adequate coverage. My husband is highly satisfied and uses it daily. It's substantial in bad weather also. Until he decides to cut his hair bald, this is part of his daily regimen. It doesn't take long and he's used to applying it correctly. He's only in his early 30s so he's not ready to go bald anytime soon.

As this is my first Hair fibers this seems to be good...

I have some bald spot.As only small amount of spot is visible so i never had any concern with that. But just to test how Hair Fibers works i have ordered this and this is the first time i am using Hair Fibers in my life.
1) The product delivered as promised.
2) The box seems to be high quality in my first impression.
3) It was very easy to apply.
4) As promised it covered my scalp visibility.
5) Overall it was satisfied.
As this is my First Hair fibers i felt pretty good. I will update any changes sooner after trying Hair Fibers from different companies.

Five Stars

It works great. You would never know that I had thinning hair. It looks completely natural.!!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Rosa Blackledge
Very impressed with these hair fibers!

The hair fibers blend in perfectly with my natural hair colour and you wouldn't be able to notice them even upon close inspection because theyre so small.

Saw a difference instantly!

It feels weird to have hair again, but these hair fibers work miracles. The results are instant and I look 10 years younger. My friends all ask me what I did to get my hair back and I tell them it's my little secret :)

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Yvonne Holtzmann
Wow!!!I was skeptical at first trying this product.

A matter of fact I never knew a product such as this existed. All I knew was you can get hair transplants or pills to help your hair grow that was about it. I am soo glad I found this product. i tested it at home to see if it would work.I have thinning hair around the the temples of my hairline. I hate it!! I have it on both sides.At one point they were bald.This year they finally grew back, which I believe is a result of not dyeing my hair with highlights anymore or any color for that matter. I gave my hair a rest from all that hair coloring and also used heat tools to a very minimum. I used to use it daily.I woke up one morning and wanted to try this out. It sure does work!!I was soo surprised. It looks natural too. It is buildable as well,so if an area looks sparse you can put more.I added some on my temple area and patted it down,it looked very natural to me and you cannot even tell you used a hair concealer.I chose the dark brown color they have black too.It comes in a container that has like a salt and pepper shaker on top where the hair fibers come out.You get a good amount of product with this too, which is nice.I can finally cover up those sparse areas around the temple until my baby hairs start growing out more.This really works and you can keep putting more if you want.It is easy to use as well & washes out at the end of the day.I received this product for inspection purposes and all opinions are my own.

Best color & volume

Works great, especially if you make sure your hair is dry. If you have brown or even very dark brown hair, my recommendation is to AVOID the black and purchase the medium or dark brown. I made the mistake of buying the black since my hair is very dark brown - it was too dark! Product is every bit as good, maybe better than the more expensive Topnix.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Tormented Ulyanova
Works as advertised for less money!

It does what it promises at a lot less cost than some of the other more well known brands. I will definitely buy again.


My husband cannot live without it now. He uses it every morning before he goes to work. Everyone is amazed by his hair.

It really does WORK!!!!!!

This is my first time writing a review, but felt I needed to so I can let everyone considering this product that YES it does work and its worth the cash;) i decided to get this product when I saw a picture of myself and didn't like that I could see some parts of my scalp on top. I am not balding but i just don't like seeing the split in hair and then the scalp.. (if that makes any sense) so I order this product in dark brown and got it really fast. I was very eager to try it out. It is very easy to use... Just shake it on your hair and rub. I immediately saw a difference.. I honestly couldn't believe it was that simple. My hair definitely feels thicker in the areas I applied it on and the color is perfect and you can't tell I even have anything in it. I am a happy customer! so for those who are questioning if this could work I hope I have answered that. I feel soooooo much better about my look. By the way I am a 35 year old mother of three and I feel I have gained my confindence back. I will never have to take another bad "hair scalp" picture and cringe over how bad it looks. Best thing ever!!!!!!

Reinstills confidence

This is great. I used it as soon as I got it and instantly felt I looked better. Doesn't look fake or anything and it doesn't seem to leave any significant residue either. I don't foresee running out too too quickly. I will purchase again.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Saverio Lorenzo
Great for thinning hair and postpartum hair loss!

The Fibolica hair thickening fibers work great for filling in any thinning areas of hair. I lost a lot of hair after I gave birth to my daughter and my hair looks so much thinner in the front region. This product sprinkles out almost like a salt or pepper shaker does and once you sprinkle some into the area of thin hair, you can spray it with hair spray to make sure it sets or sticks good. I only needed a small amount because I'm not bald by any means, but it did seem to fill the area in and my white scalp spot was not showing and appeared to look like hair was there. It is definitely meant for someone with thinning hair vs someone who is completely bald because that just wouldn't look natural if a bald person put this everywhere. It needs hair to bond to and it clearly says that in the description of the product too. It makes me feel better when I put a little bit of this on before going out with friends and I'm not so self conscious about my hair loss. Overall, I gave it a 5 star review because it does what it says it will, however I just wouldn't recommend a bald person try this with the expectation of it looking natural.

A life-saver!

This product has saved me. I use it daily and it works beautifully to fill in sparse areas.

Works as well as can be expected

This is the best you are going to do with hair powders (to thicken hair) Trust me, I have tried them runs a little "dark" (in color) but, it works well if you hairspray it into place....wish i had ,my pre-medication hair back, though ; (

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Jakob Vigfússon
Love it!!

Best product ever for thin hair. Fills in any sparse areas and gives the hair texture. Also great for in between touch ups. Covers grey roots wonderfully. I just purchased eight because I don't want to ever be caught without it.

Great product!

I would buy again, does not need the extra applicator as it comes with a screw on sprinkle top that does a good job. Stays in my hair without falling on my face or clothes, I am a woman with the front top thinning terribly, it is perfect for my purpose, residue stays for the next day until I shampoo, I just touch it up some the next day if I am not going to shampoo. Seems to make my thinning area feel thicker, too. I have foiled hair light and dark shades, and the light brown color suits me fine.

Makes a big difference in thickness of hair

This product has given me so much freedom. When I think back on the trouble I had to go through with my hair before, I feel so liberated. Right at the top of my head my hair is thin enough to see through to the scalp, and if I didn't do my hair ""just right"" it was embarrassing. Now, I can go with almost any style I want. I just style me hair the way I feel like that day, and then I fill in the blanks with Fibolica . Then set it with hairspray and I'm done for the day. It even withstood a windy boat ride one day. I was so scared it would have all blown away, but after the boat ride I made a beeline for the restroom to check, and outside of looking a little wind blown, Fibolica held. The only thing you have to worry about is getting it wet, it could run. A little mist is OK, but real rain is a danger. Carry an umbrella and you'll be fine.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Harley Pritchard
Great product, works great and fills in the thinning ...

Great product, works great and fills in the thinning areas really well. As others mentioned just use some hair spray to lock it in and you are good all day.

- easy to apply
- washes off easy
- fills in thinning areas
- color matches really good

- none yet

Don't leave home without it

Absolutely great product. Hair looks full and thick immediately after and though the bottle seems small, it lasts for quite a while!

Very good product of quality with a very fair price, makes for a great choice

I just starting using this product and compared to a regular dry shampoo, this products delivers so much more. It adds volume, helps hide grays and fills in along my thin hair line. The applicator is great for when I put my hair back I can get it to fill in right on the edges of the hairline. It makes me feel less concerned about the edges of my hair. I also dont want to color my hair frequently, so this is a great answer to covering up the gray. Love it!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Sennet Beauchamps
Fibolica great for small bald areas too

Great product for covering the bald are in the back of my head...also good for
the few days between coloring my hair.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Friðgeir Antonsson
Glad I found this product

Works just the same as the pricier name brands without the exorbitant costs. Glad I found this product.

Love it!

Great product! Can't beat the price either! Very satisfied.

She looks great and hasn't been wearing her hats

I bought this for my daughter who has brain cancer and from the chemo her hair has become very thin. She loves that it fills in the balding areas. She looks great and hasn't been wearing her hats ! Thank you from a happy Mom