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It works exactly as advertised.

Four Stars

good product, color does not mach 100% but yet looks good

Works great!

Works great!


I was told about this product at the dermatogist's office. It makes my hair look so much thicker. Love it! And not too expensive!

Five Stars

Just what I hoped it would be and does what I expected

This product is excellent for thinning hair

This product is excellent for thinning hair. It gave me my confidents back. Looks just like my hair. The only thing is you have to be careful when putting it on it gets all over the place. Other than that it's great

Great product

If you have thin hair and need coverage, look no further. This covers my bald spot better than any other spray or dye ever has. HIGHLY recommend it.

Very Pleased

Very good service, nice product, works well in the large economy size. more efficiently than in the smaller size can.

it does a great job.

If the color is too dark, you can see it. Otherwise, it does a great job.


Works but not as great as the other hair building fibers doesn't really stick to the hair just sits there and comes out easily.

t quit what I was looking for . . .

t what I was looking for . . . . a brush to apply would have made it better but it is ok. I probably just ordered the incorrect product for what I was look for in this type item.

On time...dry...what else needs to be said

On time...dry...what else needs to be said


It's really helped!

Great product reasonable price

This is a great product. It is easy ti use and stays in place wonderfully. You may have to try a couple of colors until you get it right. I bought light and medium blond because I put highlights and low lights in my hair. I blend the colors to get the color I want. I think I am going to order a light brown next to get more variation in the color. Much less expensive that the one my friend bought and mine looks just as good the other more expensive product. Also, my hairdresser recommended it.

It works!

It works!

Five Stars

on time delivery great product at a great price.

great stuff!

great stuff!

Blend away those thin areas of scalp with Fibolica Hair Building Fibers

Fibolica Hair Building Fibers really give the appearance having more hair. It blends in with the natural hair to cover thin and balding areas to make it look full. The fibers stick to the natural hair and washes out when the hair is washed. There is several colors to choose from which helps to find a shade that matches the natural hair. All you have to do is sprinkle the fibers on in the areas that it is needed, then spray hair to keep it in place. Wonderful product and I will be buying it again and recommending it to others.


Good product, but you must know what you're getting. I'm a black guy and used it to cover light spots on my hairline. Now understand once you apply it YOU CAN NOT TOUCH the area where it has been applied to. A strong wind will blow it out and it can not get wet. Maybe hair spray will help it hold better but it still CAN'T BE TOUCHED..Hope it doesn't . But it looks great, matched my hair perfectly. Its just like using makeup. I wish I could find a more permanent product though.

Gret coverage!

I have used various scalp covering and hair thickening products for years. Due to an illness ten years ago, I lost a good bit of my hair, especially the crown and towards the front of my hairline. My hair is naturally a dark brown, but I have my hair highlighted in ash blonde and purple to help hide the thinness, especially in the front of my hair.
I tried out these fibers in dark blonde in order to compare them to Toppik, my normal scalp cover.
-The fibers are finer than Toppik, making them easier to apply and control.
-The fibers cling well to my head. A windy day didn't make them disappear.
-No clumping or smearing.
-Gives a natural amount of coverage.
-Gives a natural appearance if you get the right color.
-The color that I ordered is a warm blonde tone, not a cool blonde (or ash blonde) despite the appearance of the picture. It was quite noticeable. Ash colors are hard to come by in the world of scalp coverings.
-Shaker bottles can pour out too much product if you aren't careful.
If this company produced an ash blonde tone and added a spray top, I would buy this in a heartbeat over Toppik. It looked more natural and no clumping! I only gave four stars due to the tone issue- if they had an ash color, I'd be switching to this over Toppik permanently!
Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. The review above is completely my own personal opinion of this product after receiving it and using it. I only choose to review products that I actually want and that I have a genuine use for so that I can provide thorough and honest feedback on the product.

Looks fantastic, you can't tell!

This stuff really, improbably, looks like hair!
Getting older is awful. We're all going to go there at one time or another, and unfortunately, it does affect how people see us and think of us. If you're going on a job interview, first date or anywhere that you might need to make a good first impression, or if you have autoimmune or androgenic hair loss and you're just trying to cover spots, this stuff works perfectly.
The tiny fibers are just like little hairs, or like velvet with no backing to them.
To use them, you just shake them into your hand, put them on the spot you want them and sort of fluff your hair... And the spot is covered! Repeat until you have the coverage you want and then do spray the area with strong hold hair spray... They do migrate a bit if not sealed in. The fibers are very much not waterproof, so bring your umbrella! Don't get caught in the rain. They do wash out easily in the shower, so that's a plus.
These hair fibers are discreet and natural enough that you can wear them one day and not wear them the next, and no one will be terribly suspicious.

One Star

It won't come out of the container; it is all clumped together.

Do not use for shorter/shaved hair...

FYI, not great for shorter and/or shaved hair... I'm an actor and I was hoping to have a little tiny cover on my developing bald spot and thinning hair for auditions and shoots (My head shines with the fury of a thousand suns under set lights if I'm not careful). I was referred to this product by one of the on set makeup artists, she listed half a dozen celebrities she'd worked with that actually use this and similar products, so I thought I'd give it a try. Honestly, it does stay very well, doesn't run or mark at all, and if I had longer hair it would probably be a very solid product for me. Unfortunately with as short as I keep my hair, it will sprinkle on nicely but the moment I touch it with a hat, hands, or if I brush it to "Smooth it out" the clumps appear and just continue to get worse as I desperately attempt to fix it.

Good product to cover thinning hair

Does a good job of coverage as long as there is some hair to work with.

awesome and easy to use

awesome and easy to use