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Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Ippolito Calabrese
I am very pleased with the product and will definitely order more when ...

I am very pleased with the product and will definitely order more when the time comes. It is the best of any of this type of product that I have used and will definitely recommend it.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Anthony Moreland
Not bad, Fibolica, but let's be clear about a few things....

So, if you're bothering to read reviews about anything like this in your ongoing battle with baldness, then let me be clear, right up front - the hair loss is winning the war. To terribly misquote Jim Morrison, "No hair gets out of here alive".... So, you're hoping against all odds that some miracle product will be a cheap, effective, undetectable cure-all in your fight against genetics or disease...well, the good news is THIS PRODUCT KIND OF WORKS. Let me be as transparent as the fine little hairs you're hoping will grow on your head - if you have some hair, but it's thinning pretty bad, this stuff will make it look fuller and hide some of the dreaded scalp showing through - however, if you plan on people getting really close to it, you can see the Fibolica on your scalp (at least, the dark colors show up if you're Caucasian or light skinned) - but this should work well for a job interview, a date in a restaurant, an acting/theatre gig, maybe even a family gathering - but if you plan on getting lucky and he/she not noticing the smudges on the pillow in the morning, you are out of luck....If battling hair loss is what you're up against, then Fibolica is, metaphorically, another tool in the tool box. Use it with along with everything else - but use it in moderation. Too much and you're a powdered, bald donut.

Maintains the ego

My hairdresser 'introduced' me to this as I had no idea I was thinning that fast. It is a miracle.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Michelle Dionisio
Great for thinning hair!

This is a great product for thinning hair. As a female, I appreciate the coverage of my scalp in areas of my head where hair is less dense. It makes my hair look more full and hides the scalp in thinning areas.

Love this product

I since dyed my hair and it works well with dark brunettes for medium brunettes. This also worked well in my fiancé hair which he is Asian with black hair so color is definitely darker than expected ( got medium brown ). It came on easy like pepper shaker and apply straight on problem area it sticks and stays until you shower or sweat . Covered his thinning hair very well ! If you touch it with a brush it will move it does not stick so style hair then put it on as final touches . Hope this helps
update I bought a second one ! i love the mini because you can fit it in a clutch and don't have to worry about reapplying when you're out and about ! perfect for those wanting to make their hair look a little more full !

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Brigliador Chalut
Fibolica Hair Fibers

The Fibolica Hair Fibers arrived faster than expected and packaged just right. I was surprised that this product worked better than the higher priced same type product. I applied the Fibolica Fibers to dry styled hair. I then gently patted my hair to seat the product. Hair spray was applied and it looked natural. I ordered the dark brown, I could have gone a little lighter. Later in the day I was sweaty, but no dark streaks appeared. I made the mistake of falling asleep with the product in my hair and I guess I was lucky as no residue was on my pillows. I 'll order this product again.
I did not get this product for a reduced price or free. I paid full price and it is worth it.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Raymond McClaine
Good Price point.

I have medium blonde in another brand and it's quite a bit lighter than this..I would describe this as medium gray not blonde. Any how I use it to thicken up my hair and it looks OK since my roots need doing. I can use it between coloring it certainly helps with thickness.

great coverups

makes your hair thicker and hides the bald spots temporary. Beats buying a hairpiece or clip ons.. I have very long hair but thinning and every white scalp that shows i sprinkle it on the top so it works for me.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Amarante Lepage
Does what it says it would

Has sharp, durable needles for very smooth rolling. I've tried other derma rollers in the past and I would need to apply a lot of pressure.

Best I've tried so far

Compared to other products that I've used to cover thinning hair (and I've tried a lot), this is the best I've found so far. Easy application, and I don't think anyone needs to purchase a separate applicator- if you're careful, you won't mess up when sprinkling it on your head directly from the bottle. I've used countless bottles of this stuff and will probably continue using this for as long as they make it, or until there is a better alternative. I'm 27 and have fine, thin hair. I sprinkle a SMALL amount of this onto DRY hair (scalp and hair must be completely dry!) just in an area behind my bangs where I have a little ""bald spot,"" as well as along the middle part of my hair. Once I sprinkle it, I let it sit for about 10-20 seconds then very lightly rub or tap my scalp in the areas in which I placed it. I have found that doing this helps evenly distribute the product and break up any little clumps that happen to fall out of the bottle (the ONLY time I have ever had anyone ask if I had something in my hair was when I didn't work the product onto my scalp/into my hair and it was unevenly distributed). Apply the fibers one thin layer at a time- you will probably find that you need less than you think, and it will save you from trying to work all the product out of your hair if you find you've placed too much.
I have no issues with this transferring anywhere once it's on my head. I can go max 2 days without washing my hair, and when I do, I don't have to re-apply this. Never had a problem with it coming off after working out, but it comes off completely in shower after shampooing. I'm sure if someone got close to your head and actually looked at your scalp they'd notice you had something on, but if you don't tell anyone, they won't notice either. If you happen to scratch your head it will get under your fingernails/on your fingers, and if you put sunglasses on your head and then wear them, some fibers might end up on your face, so be aware. In my opinion is a minor inconvenience, as this product is a god-send for those of us who are self-conscious about thinning hair. That being said, this product is probably not suited for people who have a large bald spot to cover or who have extremely thin hair- you'd definitely be able to see it on your scalp.

Works Well

Have been using this product for many years with excellent results. It obviously only can be effective of you still have some hair left on your head. I combine it with Couvre Masking lotion for best results


I discovered this product through my best friend and absolutely love it!! I have a wide part due to thinning hair from having had low iron and this fills it in beautifully and naturally. Everyone thinks my hair grew back! It's coming back slowly, but takes time. I didn't know what to do and when my friend put it on me and I was wowed! Thank god for this product!!! It takes seconds to apply after I wash my hair and I feel so confident and happy now about the way I look. It stays on until you wash your hair again. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Reece O'Sullivan
Great product.

Great product! For the price you can't beat it!!! I don't know how all these people complain! just as good as Topix! Too many picky people! BUY THIS PRODUCT, makes me look like I have a full set of hair!!

A must for thinning hair!

The best product for thinning hair. Makes my thin hair look much thicker. Just sprinkle it on the thin areas, fluff it up and set it with hairspray. It restores my self confidence.

Excellent product and big confidence booster!

I have thinning hair in the front and I am always self conscious of it especially in bright sun light the fusion just fills this in a little and it blends in with the natural hair fibers and color and just gives me that little extra that makes my hair look good every day. I have continued to buy it and feel it is an excellent product for this use.

Similar products but this one is by far the best for the price

I've tried many similar products but this one is by far the best for the price. I have a small thyroid-related thinning patch that it covers well, but it's also great for when my gray is starting to show and I don't have the chance to touch up my roots right away.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Fabrizio Cattaneo
Great for covering roots between coloring

I have tried many brands after first seeing a commercial on tv about a new treatment using these hair fibers and this is BY FAR the best product of them all! Completely covers thinning spots and stays until hair is washed, even over multiple days. I will never waste money on any other brands.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Jayden Hamilton
Amazing value for the amount you get compared to retail

I'm in love with the Fibolica!!! The medium brown was a perfect match for my medium brown hair. I had previously tried the toppik hair building fibers in medium brown not only was the toppik much to dark for my hair but it also did not work as well as the Fibolica. The Fibolica seemed to "stick" to my scalp better than the toppik. Fibolica is around $10 less expensive as well. Even if the Fibolica was the more expensive one I would still use the Fibolica, it works that good. I can't believe how thick my hair looks! Thank you so much for this product. This is definitely something I will be repurchasing. I would recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing hair loss.

Amazing value for the amount you get compared to retail

Amazing value for the amount you get compared to retail. This is a regular purchase for me. It totally covers balding without looking strange or fake.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Beau Cartwright
It works as advertised

I'm guessing as long as you have some hair for this to adhere to in the first place, it works, and it works well! Nobody can tell it's there, and I've been caught in the rain and it didn't run.

Fantastic product.

Could not be happier with the results. Will be using it until my hair is completely gone. I highly recommend it to any skeptics. Give it a shot and use it with your regular hair products. You'll be glad you did.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Cooper Hamilton
Great Product, really works well!

I got this for my mom, who is balding on top of her head due to sun damage and the chemo medication the doctor has her put on the spots. And the hair is not growing back, which makes her very embarrassed about her hair. The first time we tried this on her it worked perfectly! Just shake it on the thin spots and pat it down, so the fibers fall into place on the scalp, and it looks really natural! You really can't tell she has those really thinning spots on her head. Great product!

These products work great for covering thin areas or your part

These products work great for covering thin areas or your part. I am not sure how well they would work for actually covering a bald patch. I have been VERY happy with it for my purposes. No need to buy Toppix or spend more.

Fibolica® 6-Month Supply
Kristopher Schott
High quality - supreme coverage!

I use hair fibers to conceal my thinning crown. I have tried all sorts of brands and I really like this one because the color is perfect. I have silver hair and the gray looks completely natural. No itching or clumping. I love the bottle, too. I received this at a discount for my honest review. I would definitely buy these again from this company.

I Love This Stuff!

I am a 30 something woman with the curse of fine, thinning hair. I have typical Irish coloring: dark Auburn hair and super pale skin tone. So when the hair at the crown of my head started getting thinner and thinner, it was very very noticeable because of my white scalp showing through my dark hair.