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like real

it works very well

great product

if you are concerned with thinning hair, this is a great help, it is a wonderful product. I highly recommend it.

Great for camouflaging thinning hair!

Blends in very nicely with my thinning hair. Makes my "light" spots on my head seem not so "light"! Love the product. Wish it was a little less expensive!

Five Stars

Great product.

Does the job!

Bought this product a couple of times for my son who uses it regularly. This is the only product that meets his needs. It works!

Deserves 5 stars

This is really effective, in just a few weeks time my hair becomes thicker.

highly recommend

I highly recommend this for anyone with thinning hair that's wants to add a little fullness and disguise being able to see the scalp. This size lasts me six months so it goes a long way.
I don't think I'd ever stop using it.

Thin hair on top. Nice fill in.

I really like this product. Try not to get it on your scalp. Fibers attached to your hair. Then add a bit of hairspray.

Pretty good coverage, and price is much better than Xfusion now.

Pretty good coverage, and price is much better than Xfusion now.

Does conceal thinning parts

This does seem to conceal thinning spots. It's not a miracle cure, but does disguise any scalp peeking through. But it's not really going to give the appearance of hair, only disguise the appearance of skin.

covering a small bald spot

I was very please with this product, because it did what it said it would . It covered my bald spot

Better than Topix

Couldn't find a travel size of topix that was not an add on so I decided to try Fibolica. Arrived on time and my husband says it works better than topic. We may be switching brands for good!

This is great for thinning hair I used it for the first time today....

This is great for thinning hair I used it for the first time today....

Great hair product. Will buy again!

Great hair product. Will buy again!

Halle freakin' lujah!!!

I would have given a higher review but 5 stars is the max. First off I have dark brown curly hair and have been thinning, vertex style, for probably the last ten years or so. I've been using Rogaine, max strength, the whole time and must say it's let me keep the vertex area from growing too large. But a caveat here, since my hair is curly/bushy I have been able to just "re-arrange" the hair around the thinning area to fill in the space, while other than a comb-over, I think people with straight hair probably can't use this technique. Over the last year or so it has become harder to fill in the area and it's obvious now that there is some scalp showing. So I tried this stuff in dark brown and after the first application I felt like it was Christmas as I looked for the thin area and found I no longer had one! The area looked as though it was filled in with thick hair! It was actually fluffy, like my real hair. I only had to sprinkle a small amount, maybe a quarter teaspoon. I was pleasantly surprised to see many hours later that it remained filled in and full looking. This product seems as though it were made for my hair type so I am ecstatic and my confidence has really increased as I no longer have to go through the day wondering if my hair has moved around exposing my thinning top. I'm a convert! Thanks to the inventor(s)of this great product! Only improvement suggestion would be to make the container transparent so you can see the product level. Also, keep away from water.

Love it!

Wish I'd known about this stuff years ago! Really makes a difference. My beautician gave me a sample of a different brand, but it didn't come in colors other than browns. Fibolica has auburn, which is what I needed, plus I love the pump.

One of the best products I have ever used

One of the best products I have ever used. Been using it for over a year and it covers all my concerning areas to make my hair fuller so scalp doesn't show. Just don't swim in chlorine pool cause it will turn your hair green! A shower fixed it but looks funny at pool when you have green

Helps style

I use it every time I do my hair when it's dry. I have curly kind of short hair and it helps me style my hair. I'm not even really sure it gives volume, but it helps styling.

Great Product

perfect seller ... great bottle, pours just the right amount of the fibers. Head doesnt itch and seems to stay on until next shampoo. will be repeat customer.

Great product!

better and cheaper than Toppik. Blends in seamlessly with my hair.

covers scalp

my dark hair is thinning on top and this covers my white scalp very well.just bought another large bottle thanks

Il prodotto non è arrivato

Il prodotto non è arrivato, vorrei capire perché

Very good and quick

I never believed I could ever get my hair back. I was pretty depressed and spent a lot of money on medications. Nothing worked. I was contemplating shaving off my head, then I found this product on Qatar airways flight from Doha to Washington DC. I read the reviews and bought it, it really works!!!! For those who have found this, your agony is over :-)

Great stuff