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Fibolica® 12-Month Supply

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Instantly Make Thinning Hair Thick Again

Fibolica hair thickening fibers are the perfect solution for both men and women who want an all-natural, safe and truly effective way to instantly make thinning hair look full again.


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Henry Welch
For best results, I sprinkle on with one hand while ...

For best results, I sprinkle on with one hand while covering forehead with other to keep the fine powder off of my face. I then gently pat the top of my hair and the powder falls onto the scalp and in between hairs...spray and done! I have been using this for years and it minimizes the balding look/scalp shine. I had reasonable expectations that were satisfied.

Iacopo Arcuri
Amazing Product for Those with Fine or Thin Hair or Bald Spots

I have never struggled with balding spots, but I do have thin fine hair. I never knew there was a product out there like this. My part is a very wide part so I thought that I would use this product to thicken up the hair around my part so that my part doesn't look so wide.
I have highlighted hair but my roots are dark brown and really starting to show so I struggled with which color to purchase. I ended up opting for Medium Brown since my natural hair is dark brown.
When I received this product, I was shocked at how small it was. I had no idea what to expect as far as size, but it was smaller than expected. When I saw the color on the top of the lid, I was worried that I ordered one shade too dark, but I gave it a shot anyway. When I took the top off, I was pleased to find that the container is actually like a salt shaker, with small holes, so that you can sprinkle the fibers right onto your hair without fall out or a huge mess everywhere.

Cheney Brodeur
I have more confidence

I have had thinning hair for several years. I was conscious of it all all the time. This gave me the confidence to go out and not worrying about people seeing where i was thinning. I love love this product. And I will buy again. Thank you for giving me "my life back". :)

Betty Brotherton
This stuff is so easy and quick to apply for those days he's not ...

My husband wears a hat all day, every day, so he's starting to experience thinning a little bit. This stuff is so easy and quick to apply for those days he's not wearing a hat. It comes in a pretty decent sized container and you just shake it into the hair for instantly fuller look. As I was going through the other reviews of this product before ordering, I noticed another reviewer mention that she used it on her lashes. Holy man, I never thought of that! I had been purchasing the expensive fiber lash kits that don't seem to last very long, so I thought I would give it a try and I'm impressed! These can be used on lashes and, I suppose if you use a gel to apply it, to your brows as well! You get far more fibers for the same price that you would pay for an entire fiber lash kit. I just use an old, clean mascara wand to pick up the fibers and apply over a coat of mascara, then seal with another coat of mascara. So this product is great not just for those with thinning hair, but anyone who wants lash length and fuller eyebrows as well! I'm highly impressed!

Gabriel Middleton
I love the hair building fibers

I love the hair building fibers. Although the quantity is a bit sparse, it is well worth it if you have thin hair. Go for a shade darker than your regular color. It creates a beautiful ombre contrast!

Hayden Short
This has been a good purchase. It really helps give the appearance of thicker hair.

Absolutely incredible. I have thinning hair on the top of my head and this product completely covers it up. It looks completely natural and washes out with shampoo.

William Pichette
Best Product for concealing thinning hair!!!

Finally found a product that works! Much better than the hair powder that you apply with a brush. Fibolica fibers actually sticks to the hair strands and your hair not only appears very thick, but it also covers balding and thinning spots on your scalp. It could be messy to use but if you sprinkle it on one spot at a time and massage it into your hair a little at a time, it will not spill onto anything but your hair. One it's massaged in, it will not come off until you wash your hair. It helps to apply a touch of hairspray to seal it. I love Fibolica Hair Fibers!!

Vito Mazzanti
Love, love, love this stuff

Love, love, love this stuff. Menopause has not been kind to my hair and this has help keep that issue a secret. Get a couple of colors if you highlight to really make it look really natural. Trust me, you will love this.

Charli Thring
surprised it works!

I was quite surprised how well it works. Be sure to get the correct color match or it will look different than the hair around the spot your trying to cover. Othwise, it really works.

Lucas Dawes
Great product for bald spots.

I love this product. Covers my bald spots and is easy to use. I use Fusion Hair Spray to keep it in place. I am a 58 yr old female with bald spots due to chronic disease.